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Pay with Credit Cards, simple, secure, awesome!

NetrinoMedia Marketplaces and 3DExport.com have launched a New payment method with Credit Cards. Now you can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction. You don’t need to type card numbers – checkout lets you save the details, connected to an email address and a phone number, and pay with a single tap. […]

Introducing the new Unreal Ungine 4

“Introducing the new Unreal Ungine 4″ – It was created by Rodrigo Banzato from Tonka3D, where he shows the major elements of the new Unreal Engine 4 including some very cool 3d low poly objects to be part of his new project for the Total Objects collection, that will be soon available at Tonka3D.

How to Add Sketchfab 3d models on 3DExport?

Hey guyz, great news today. Now you can add your Sketchfab 3d models on 3DExport.com just in the item description. Check this quick video tutorial, how to add Sketchfab 3d model to 3DExport.

Download FIFA World Cup 2014 3D Models

In this roundup we’ve gathered the coolest 3D models of FIFA World Cup 2014 for your projects. Save your time and money and download high quality 3D models by 3DExport.

10 Most Common Errors in 3DS MAX

This tutorial was created by Rodrigo Banzato – a 3d artist and instructor at Tonka3D – and it is a selection of the 10 most common errors people commit when using the 3ds Max, specially for those who are initiating with this 3D tool.

Dark souls II – Launch trailer

Watch awesome trailer of Dark souls II game. Director is a famous CG artist Alessandro Pacciani.

The Most Beautiful CG Girls 2

Through the centuries women beauty has always been a source of inspiration for many great artists and at the present time it’s not an exception. Artists create different mysterious, light, beautiful, fantastic, fairy-tale and very feminine CG characters, moreover, they use all their mastery to make them look really natural and vivid.

How to Create Panoramic Photos HDRI 360

That is a tutorial where Rodrigo Banzato explains how to take panoramic photos HDR 360. This is valuable information for photographers, 3D artists, designers, producers and digital art passionate.

50 Amazing 3D Robots Models

Today we present to your attention a roundup of robot digital artworks. CG Robots are used widely nowadays. They also played a great role in creating different robotic movie characters. Using only their imagination and drawing skills artists create pretty realistic and amazing robots. To get some inspiration with the coolest collection of robots look […]

Photoshop Image Corrections and Programs Plugins Tips

In this tutorial, Rodrigo Banzato covers some aspects of the tools he uses on his projects for image correction and manipulation by using Photoshop as also other programs, plugins and very nice tips.

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