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Become a member of our worldwide community of like-minded people. 2DArts is the perfect place for buying and selling 2D arts, prints, illustrations, sharing ideas, communicating with others, asking questions, and, of course, earning money.

  • Selling Exclusively: 60% up to 70%, Selling Non-Exclusively: 60%
  • No additional U.S. taxes or tricky ITIN forms to fill
  • No exclusivity requirements
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The royalties for nonexclusive selling rights start at 60 percent.

The royalties for exclusive selling rights start at 60% and may be as high as 70%!

Our sellers can get their money via PayPal, MoneyBookers or WebMoney.

Rates Schedule
Badges Sales Volume ($) Exclusive Royalty Rate Non-Exclusive Royalty Rate
 60% $0 60% 60%
 61% $300 61% 60%
 62% $500 62% 60%
 63% $1000 63% 60%
 64% $2500 64% 60%
 65% $5000 65% 60%
 66% $10000 66% 60%
 67% $20000 67% 60%
 68% $35000 68% 60%
 69% $40000 69% 60%
 70% $50000 70% 60%

Regular Exclusive Agreement

As an Author at our Marketplaces, you are can get 60 to 70% of the amount of each sale, should you choose our Exclusive Authoring plan. Being an Exclusive Author means that you cannot sell your items offered at NetrinoMedia anywhere else. Please note that the limitation applies only to the items offered at this Web site, not to all of your work.

We think that this exclusivity helps our store to stand out in the crowd and ensures that buyers can find truly unique items here.

All new authors get a 60 percent royalty, but as their sales volume goes up, so does the percentage. That means that the more you sell, the more you earn!

Affiliate Program

You are welcome to join our referral program and earn 15% of each purchases of every user referred by you to the NetrinoMedia Marketplaces. All you need to do is place a button or link on your web site, using the referral code that was automatically assigned to you.

Affiliate Program